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JUNE 19-23, 2019


Explora Science Center & Children’s Museum of Albuquerque

Explora is an experiential learning center located in Albuquerque’s Old Town cultural district. Explora’s mission is to create opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Explora realizes this mission by providing exhibit activities and community programs that engage people of all ages and backgrounds in learning through shared questioning, individual discovery, and experimentation with creative materials. At Explora, youth are empowered and equipped to develop their identities as capable learners and as creators with valuable ideas to contribute. As a Vintage Albuquerque beneficiary, Explora hopes to expand its makerspace programming with Artists in Residence and statewide outreach bringing creative projects to undeserved communities throughout New Mexico.

Opera Southwest

Opera Southwest’s mission is to produce quality, professional, enjoyable and accessible opera in an intimate setting for audiences of all ages. In their 45 year history, they have endeavored to play a leadership role in arts education within the community with the recent world premier of commissioned opera, Bless Me Ultima their latest initiative. Opera Southwest has experienced modest operating profits along with enhanced artistic excellence for the last 4 years which allowed them to present their first 3-opera season ever in 2017/18.

Baila! Baila!

“Preserving Our Culture Through the Arts”
Although this mission is very important to us, the overall impact that Baila! Baila! has made on our Albuquerque in the past thirty years is indescribable. This dedicated community partner has been a steadfast supporter of youth, senior, city and state programs, private and public school programs, university programs and faith community programs. We have been providing free community services to low-to-moderate income individuals and families for thirty years. Students are educated in the history of the culture as it pertains to the specific dances.
They are also trained in dance technique which entails body control and timing as well as self expression which enables the student to embrace life more fully. Students are trained in universal dance terms which allows the student to become part of the universal dance community. We have learned and we believe that when a student is exposed to cultural arts, an entire new world has been offered to them. The experience that we provide stabilizes and revitalizes each and every individual which, in tum, will stabilize and revitalize their families and communities – we have seen it happen time and time again!

Our 2019 Beneficiaries!

Explora Science Center & Children’s Museum

Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts

New Mexico Museum of Natural History Foundation

Albuquerque Museum Foundation

Baila! Baila!

Opera Southwest


The arts in New Mexico public schools have been severely reduced and, in some cases, eliminated. It is crucial to expose children to creativity and expression at an early age and throughout their educational experience. New Mexico is blessed with a culture of creativity that can allow us to thrive for generations to come, if we take advantage of early opportunities. Funds distributed through Vintage Albuquerque support arts, music, dance, theater and other artistic education programs.

Albuquerque Museum  Foundation

Art Start is a program that introduces 4 year olds to the fascinating world of art in a museum setting. The program was developed in collaboration with Early Learning Specialists at Albuquerque Public Schools to provide access to quality art museum visits, and educational materials for early childhood students, teachers and family members.   Specially trained volunteer guides lead groups through an exploration of select art works utilizing storytelling, performance and hands-on experience.

NM Museum of Natural History Foundation

As a state museum, The New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science is dedicated to representing and serving all communities in the state. The state’s cultural heritage is interpreted at the Museum through arts and cultural programs to enrich our citizen’s lives and, improve the state’s economy.

STEAM for Youth video program uses a rubric to guide the students in implementing innovation, style, critical thinking, imagination and integration of the disciplines. It is developed to challenge the students and push themselves toward personal growth.

We report the successes once the winners are selected and showcase their videos in the Museum’s IMAX theater for the enjoyment and celebration with their families and friends. When we held this event in June 2018 we had over 300 attendees. During the ceremony we thank all of the financial supporting entities that made the program such a success.

Keshet Dance Center for the Arts

Keshet’s mission is to inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a creative space for the arts.

Keshet serves approximately 4,000 children annually through programming and productions at Keshet Center for the Arts and throughout the city, including in the youth detention center and Albuquerque Public Schools. Since its inception, Keshet has presented over 60 productions and impacted the lives of over 75,000 children.