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We can’t adequately express our gratitude for the artists who have supported Vintage Albuquerque over the last two decades. There have been many. When we think of those who give of themselves, no contribution represents that spirit more than the donations of the artists. Over the years, thousands upon thousands of hours have been contributed to VA, because the artists, more than anyone, know the true value of inspiring creativity and imagination in the young (and not so young) children of our state.  Many of the youngsters touched by the arts programs supported by VA have gone on to creative endeavors of their own.

Special thank you to the 2016 featured artists.  Their support makes it possible for youngster to pursue opportunities in arts otherwise not available to them.  Their education to future artists is much appreciated!

2016 Featured Artist: Carol K. and Randy Cooper

Butterfly and Lotus 30 inch tall wire mesh shadow sculpture by Carol K. and Randy Cooper

Butterfly and Lotus 30 inch tall wire mesh shadow sculpture by Carol K. and Randy Cooper.

This 30 inch tall wire mesh sculpture was created for Vintage Albuquerque 2016 by Carol and Randy Cooper. Their magnificent Shadow Sculptures adorn fine homes and businesses all over the world. Shadow Sculptures are hand made and sold in fine-art galleries in Paris, New York City, Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New Orleans, Stockholm, La Jolla and many other great cities. Randy and Carol have three large sculptures of ancient sea creatures on permanent display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History!

Randy and Carol have drawn upon many different experiences to create this stunning sculpture, Those lovely creatures in the Butterfly Pavilion at the botanical garden, a lifelong love of flowers, and appreciation of beautiful things all came together to inspire the artists to make this unique sculpture.

They have combined the beauty, elegance, and mystique of the lotus with the whispering of the butterfly’s soft wings to create a masterpiece that mesmerizes everyone who sees it. Imagine this stunning sculpture in your home with its brilliant colors and soft tones adding to your decor. Make the presentation even more powerful by shining a light upon the sculpture to bring out the shadow, showing a butterfly hovering over the lotus.

Continue to check back as we add details and photos of 2016 Contributing Artists


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